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Given the current global scenario, Security has become a major concern for everyone. This is especially true for Business organizations, as, not only their business efficiency but also their business continuity depends on providing all stakeholders a safe and secure work environment.
Creditably, most of the business organization and institutions have become security proactive and have put in place a number of safety & security measures, both active and reactive.


One of the most important among these security measures are the Security video surveillance systems or CCTV system. Used in conjunction with Security Personnel, they form a more complete, cohesive and robust security & surveillance system. This is especially true when the area to be secured is large. Live monitoring adds to the active security whereas the ability to record provides reactive security ability in case something still misses the eyes of the Security. Surveillance recording is encrypted which greatly reduces the chances of tampering and are thus invaluable proof in case of any untoward incident. It is also admissible in the court of law.

Carefully planned CCTV installation can add considerably to the overall robustness of the Security system. Apart from the apparent advantages as mentioned above, they also act as psychological deterrent.

Few of the major advantages of using CCTV surveillance system are listed below:

1. Omnipresence:
 It is scientifically proven that human focus/concentration starts withering after 30 mins. So, irrespective of the number of Security personnel one employs to secure a place, there is always a possibility, however miniscule, of a security breach due to lapse in alertness. CCTV cameras are an invaluable companion to fill in this breach.

2. Low Cost: Unlike most other security equipment, CCTV cameras are comparatively inexpensive. The last few years have seen an exponential fall in the cost of CCTV systems. This is made possible not only by reduction in the cost of cameras but also by rapid advancement in technology which has made CCTV cameras more efficient. The usefulness versus cost ratio is thus much higher

3. Psychological deterrence: It has been seen that places secured with CCTV cameras are less prone to burglary or theft. The presence of cameras act as a deterrent and anti-social elements avoid such places for fear of getting caught.

4. Guarding against internal sabotage: Presence of CCTV cameras also guard against sabotage or theft by own employees.

5. Safer working environment: CCTV helps to ensure adherence to health and safety policies for all staffs in the organization.

6. Reduced retail theft: Shop lifters deliberately target businesses with poor security and will think twice if there is an increased risk that they may be caught on camera.

7. Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims: In an increasingly litigious society, it has never been more important to protect your business against claims that are not legitimate. CCTV can eliminate this problem.

8. Remote monitoring: Keep an eye on your home or business when you aren’t there. All our CCTV systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet (via an iPhone, laptop etc).

9. Reduced fear of crime: Knowing you are well protected gives a feeling of security that should not be underestimated (ask anyone who has been burgled how they felt immediately after it occurred).

10. Staff protection: CCTV is perfect for preventing assaults and false claims of misconduct (ideal for schools, hospitals etc).

Fire protection technician

No. of Openings : 02; Rs 12000-18000 starting salary; ESI/PF/Bonus/SL/PL/CL as per statutory ; Experience : min 4-5 years in on-hands maintenance & installation of Fire Protection System

Technical Marketing Executive

No. of Openings : 02 ; Rs 12000-Rs 15000 starting salary; ESI/PF/Bonus/SL/PL/CL as per statutory ; CCTV & Fire Safety Equipment ; Education : Graduate ; Experience : min 1-2 years in similar field

Things to Consider while opting for a Trustworthy Security Agency

In the world today, safety and security have certainly become the major concerns, thanks to the hard-time the World Security Scenario is dealing with. Whether it’s for residential premises or for corporate organizations, empowering security measure is the top priority now.

When it comes to protecting a residential property or an organization from threats or unwanted occurrences, the hiring of an appropriate security firm becomes highly important.

On the surface, hiring a trustworthy security guard agency may seem to be a relatively easy task. However simple as this job may seem, one must demonstrate cautious considerations while looking for security service providers. Below are listed a few important considerations. Take a cue: –

– Go for a licensed agency

One of the major aspects to check out when choosing a security agency is its authenticity. Remember, a licensed security agency is always the best option to head for. Also, the license must be valid. Another crucial responsibility would be to check whether these licenses are renewed properly. Do not rely on a firm which has an expired or a cancelled license. When there is no license, you can take the agency immediately out of your list.

– Thumbs up to an impressive company presentation

One of the major criteria in evaluating the quality of a security agency is how effectively the company represents itself. The more effective the presentation, the more the chances of it being an authenticated firm. The presentation of its previous projects and assignments help greatly in examining the quality of their security services.

– How technologically upgraded is the agency

Security services or agencies are power-packed when they are technologically upgraded. A constant upgradation of security systems is a necessity to bring forth an overall improvement of their services.

– Take a look at the work history of the agency

Another important factor to consider is the number of years the agency has been in the security industry. Google the company on internet; and you will be offered with its every information including establishment date/years, achievements etc. Based on the information collected from net, you can move forth and select an ideal security guard company.

 How reputed is the company

A security agency’s reputation must be examined to ensure that whether the agency has maintained a dependable and reliable reputation. In order to determine the quality of its past works, you can go for client feedbacks or reviews as well. This way, you can evaluate the reputation of a security agency that you are willing to opt for.

– Mode of operation

Another thing to check is the mode of operation followed by the security agency you are wishing to opt for. Upon understanding the operation process, you can pick the most appropriate one that meets your requisites and suits your budget.

It is not easy to find a good and professional security agency. By following these above mentioned steps, you can succeed in your mission of finding a good security guard company to a large extent…