How Under Vehicle Surveillance System Can Add to Security against Possible Vehicle Bombings

The World Security Scenario is going through a very tough phase and it is very important for every organization to tighten its security measures to avert any unwanted happening. Security System capable of human surveillance has become a common thing around, but system required for vehicle inspection is not available in most of the important places.

Vehicle inspection is one of the most critical issues related to security systems that cannot be ignored. Most of the security systems let all vehicles through without checking their undercarriage, where explosives can be easily hidden

Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is the best available security option to guard against explosive hidden in the vehicle undercarriage. Though it is an expensive and sophisticated security equipment, it is extremely useful in detection of the explosives hidden in the undercarriage of the car.

How it Works

UVSS is equipped with high-resolution cameras that can capture stitched images from the bottom of the vehicles. The system can scan any moving vehicle running up to a speed of 30 kmph and never miss capturing images of the entire underside of a vehicle. Multiple cameras fitted in the UVSS provide images of all hard-to-see areas from the underside of vehicles. The UVSS system can be connected to a centralized monitoring system that can further be added to database management system

Integration Flexibility

Installation of new security system usually entails some changes in the civil architecture but UVSS comes with total flexibility and you can easily integrate it with your existing security system.

The UVSS can be connected with your CCTV system, through which you will be able to transmit the scanned images and videos to multiple mediums. In addition, you can integrate the system with motion detection that will allow you to record live events.

Static and Mobile Deployment

One of the most notable features of UVSS is that it can be installed with either static or mobile configurations. If you are looking for a fixed solution, then the static system can be the best solution. The static system can be installed in small pit middle of the road within security area and it will be quite non-intrusive for the drivers of vehicles.

However, mobile system is also preferable for any kind of immediate and temporary solution. The mobile UVSS takes hardly 20-30 minutes for installation. The mobile system can also be used as a permanent solution, especially in places where the installation of the static system is not possible.

Benefit of UVSS

The installation of UVSS will allow the security officials to receive efficient videos and images of the bottom of every vehicle passing through the system. The system helps officials in timely detection of any explosive hidden under of the vehicle. However, it is best used in conjunction with portable explosive detectors and Bollards for complete protection against vehicle laden/car bombings.

It is more suitable for the places with very high threat perception or sensitivity, e.g. high-end hotels, parliaments, military installations, nuclear installations, etc.

It may not be suitable where the vehicle flow entry is high. It may be required to increase the number of entry points in case the traffic volume is high.

How Portable Explosive Detectors and Bollards Can Enhance Security

Technological advancement in various sectors is helping people with bad and fatal intention to prepare explosives in a better way. Terrorists across the globe are working to develop bombs by using a small quantity of metal that cannot be detected by ordinary metal detectors installed in various sensitive areas.

However, an advanced portable explosive detector can be an effective solution to check for explosives surreptitiously hidden in any object. Today, important organizations like government and corporate offices, hospitals, hotels and many other areas that come under tight security measures prefer portable explosive detectors along with high-security bollard system to ensure the security of sensitive areas. In this article, we will discuss how portable explosive detectors and bollards can secure an important area from unwanted foreign substances.

How Portable Explosive Detection Systems Work

Most of the explosive detectors detect unwanted particles by using the methods of sniffing vapors or sampling traces of substances. The system makes use of small cartridges which are wipe over areas like door handles, boot handle of the vehicle. In case the occupants have handled explosives, some miniscule part in ppm generally gets deposited at the above mentioned points in a vehicle. Portable explosive detectors can offer accurate results in quick time, usually within 8-10 seconds.

Most of the portable explosive devices come with TFT color screen and touch facility that allows the users to read the status of metals easily. In addition, such devices can establish a connection and transfer data to other networks.

Ability of Portable Explosive Detectors

Portable explosive detectors are designed to detect the presence of even the slightest amount of explosive particles or vapour. The sensitivity of the PEDs is dependent on how small quantity of explosive or vapour can they detect. This ability defines their sensitivity and varies as per different models.

Advantage of using Portable Explosive Detectors and Bollards in Conjunction

High-end portable explosive detectors are developed with advanced technology that can detect explosive material even in nano quantities. The main advantage is their portability and ability to detect varieties of explosives that cannot be traced by equipment like ‘Baggage Scanner’.

Bollards, on the other hand, are barriers that prevent vehicles from entering into a restricted area. They are also used to regulate traffic and ensuring the safety of properties from high-impact vehicle collisions.

Security bollards are designed for highly sensitive locations like important government offices, popular landmarks, Nuclear Installations, Military areas and other exposed utilities that needed protection. Bollards are made from high strength steel tubes capable of withstanding even an impact of a 60 Ton truck hitting at a speed of 60 miles/hr. They come in different crash ratings from K2 to K12 and are selected on the basis of different criteria like Layout of the entry gate, Maximum straight length available for speeding, presence of speed breakers etc.

Therefore, the combination of bollards and portable explosive detectors are very useful to beef up the security against any unauthorized vehicle entry

Boom Barriers: An essential Access Control Security Equipment

Access Control forms an important aspect of Security Management. By controlling access to a secured area, Security Managers try to minimize the access of unauthorized people to that area. To manage such a control, it is not only important to sieve all Pedestrian Movement but also vehicular Traffic. To obviate the access of unauthorized people inside the secured area, it is thus important to control the vehicular traffic. This control is also important to keep the premises safe, keeping in mind the number of car bombings that have happened across the world in not so distant past.

Boom Barriers play an important role in negotiating these challenges. They are available in different crash ratings (K2 to K12) and are chosen as per the Security Threat Perception.

What are Boom Barriers?

They are usually installed at the Entrance & Exit gates of the Perimeter Boundary but in high security zones may also be installed within the premise to further control the traffic from going towards the Sensitive Areas or Buildings. The Boom length usually varies between 3 meters and 6 meters depending on the width of the passage and the speed of cycle (time taken to open & close a boom)

Types & Operation of Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers are usually available as manual, semi-automatic and automatic types.

In the Manual System the boom gates are manually opened and closed by the manning personnel using a pulley and rope arrangement. In a Semi-Automatic system, the booms are opened and closed with the help of a electrically operated cam, controlled by a multiple switch arrangement. In an Automatic system, a RFID card reader is installed on the Boom Barrier and all authorized vehicles are issued synchronous RFID card/stickers. These magnetic cards/stickers are usually pasted on the Front Windshield or Front Bumper of the vehicle and based on the sensitivity of the RFID system as soon as any authorized vehicle comes within the decided range (usually 10-15 meters), the Boom Barriers open automatically. However, bumps/speed breakers must be made in front of the Boom Barriers to slow down the vehicle to the permissible limit.

Boom Barriers Benefits:


A right Boom Barrier can ensure that you and your organization are not only safe against wheeled trespassers but also secure against any car bombing threats.

Helps in verifying Identity

Since the presence of Boom Barriers ensures that the vehicles stop in front of the gate, it helps Security to check and confirm the identity of the occupants of the vehicles. Incase of high security installations, it also ensures that the Security team gets adequate time to check for the presence of any weapon/explosive etc

Helps in Managing Traffic

Boom barriers also help in managing traffic. This is especially true if the entry/exit of the premise is situated near any Main road or Highway. Basis the vehicular traffic outside, the Security Guard accordingly allows the vehicle to go out from or come into the premises. This is very helpful in preventing any accident from occurring.

Now, the question is which model to purchase?

With the help of internet, you can find many models of Boom Barriers. The prices also vary accordingly. You may also visit websites of reputed Manufacturers/System Integrators and go through the testimonials of clients to get an idea about its utility.

However, the selection of right model is best left to specialist. The best way to avoid confusion is to approach a trusted security service provider in your area who can advise you correctly. You must, though be clear about the purpose for which you need a Boom Barrier.

The service providers will then conduct a survey of your premise and come up with best solution suitable to you.