Fire Safety Management Services….Are they worth it?

Kolkata is a beautiful but congested city. The city landscape is dotted with tall buildings breathing down each other’s neck. The landscape, in a way, mirrors the Kolkata’s unique culture of warmth and conviviality. But during summers, the same landscape becomes a bane. Come Summers and the city newspapers are peppered with news on Fire Incidents. News of Factories, Offices, Residences falling prey to this nature’s force becomes a daily affair. So, If you think that you need to safeguard your property only against burglars and saboteur and that only a Robust Security System is enough, Think Again!!

Fire is one of the most devastating forces of nature and can devastate your years of hard work in no time.

Most companies understand the importance of Fire Safety Management, but do not have the requisite in-house expertise to ensure the same.

The need thus, is not of vendors who just provide piecemeal solutions but professional Fire Safety Management Service Providers who can take care of the entire gamut of activities needed to ensure proper Fire Safety of all stake holders. These Service providers should not only be able to carry out comprehensive fire risk assessment but also identify fire hazards, plan firefighting & fire evacuation policy, install & maintain fire related equipment and carry out necessary Fire Training.


Steps to safeguard your property against Fire:

Step 1: Call a Professional Fire Management Service Provider. The Fire Safety professionals will inspect the premises and carry out a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment taking into account the layout of the building, number of entries and exits, the nature of activities being carried out, presence of combustible material, number of occupants, types & state of fire detection & firefighting equipment, Fire Signage etc. This is done in consultation and coordination with the Fire & Safety officer of the building or in his absence, the Security manager.

Step 2: Based on the Assessment report, if required, maintain or install all Fire detection & Firefighting systems as recommended. Remember, Fire can be fought with in-house resources only during the initial stage of Fire which may last for only a few minutes. Hence, faster the Fire Detection and the Firefighting, the better chance one has of controlling fire

Step 3: Employ an experienced Fire Safety Officer or Fire Man if you don’t have one already

Step 4: Put a Firefighting team into place. The members of the team once chosen, should be properly trained in Fire Detection System and the usage of various Fire Fighting equipment like Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose, Fire Reel etc. Ensure that all members identify and understand their role during any Fire Incident. All members must also have a backup member to cover up for them in case of any absence

Step 5: Ensure that you have a proper Fire Evacuation Policy in place. This is a comprehensive document consisting of details on Building layout, Location of various Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Fighting Drills, Fire Fighting Team, Fire Evacuation team etc. Remember, Fire Evacuation Policy of each building is unique and different.

Step 6: Ensure proper Fire Signages & Emergency lighting arrangements are put in place as required. During most Fire Outbreaks, the electricity is among the first things to go off and the above two play an invaluable role at that time incase of an evacuation.

A Competent Fire Safety Management Services should be able to guide and handhold you through all these steps

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