Fire Safety Products

Fire Extinguishers

Suitable for all classes of fire and of moderate size, ABC 4 Kg is one of the best types of fire extinguishers.Other than this there are also 2 kg, 6 Kg Fire extinguishers.All fire extinguishers adhere to IS15683 specification

Starting From:   Rs 1,550.00 Rs
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Fire Panel

The brain of a fire detection system, 16 zone fire panel are recommended for large installations with more than 250 smoke detectors. The entire detection system can be divided into 16 zones for easier and precise detection in case of any fire. For smaller installations 2 zone, 4 zone, 8 zone and 12 zone fire

Starting From:   Rs 5,500.00 Rs
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Sprinklers are widely used in water based Fire suppression network system. An inexpensive but critical element.

Starting From:   Rs 350.00 Rs
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Smoke Detector

An inherent part of any Fire detection system, smoke detectors come in both wired and unwired type. The final suitability depends on a number of factors like total area, layout of the building, human presence etc

Starting From:   Rs 1,150.00 Rs
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