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Branded DVR supporting recording of up to 4 analog cameras simultaneously. Options upto 32 channel support available. Audio recording also available

Starting From:   Rs 4750.00 Rs
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UVSS or Under Vehicle Scanning System are recommended for places with high perceived threat and/or large amount of vehicular traffic. Typical examples are hotels, embassies, malls etc

Starting From:   Rs 1,650,000.00 Rs
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Luggage Scanner

This equipment forms an important component of access control in installations handling sealed items/packages/luggage etc. Extremely useful in Airports, hotels, warehouses etc they use x ray to scan and check if any weapon or explosive is being carried. They are available in different sizes to cater for different size of packages/items etc

Starting From:   Rs 15,00,000.00 Rs
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Access Control

State of the art finger print based attendance system and electromagnetic locks are the latest addition to the array of access control equipment. They are inexpensive and accurate and form an important part any access control system. Carries a warranty and free service backup of 01 year.

Starting From:   Rs 7500.00 Rs
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DFMD or Door Frame Metal Detectors are a must for places/installation with large public footfalls eg. Malls, Hotels etc. They come in various types eg 2 zone, 4 zone, 6 zone etc basis the number of lateral body areas that they cover. Latest DFMDs are also aesthetically pleasant as they come in shape of ornamental poles with a surrounding radius of effective range.

Starting From:   Rs 55,000.00 Rs
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Bullet Camera

Video surveillance at long range require cameras with long focal range and bullet cameras fit the bill. IR cameras are cameras with capabilities of capturing video in low light conditions and a must these days for a more complete video surveillance capability. Carries a warranty and free service backup of 01 year.

Starting From:   Rs 2150.00 Rs
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IR Dome Camera

The basic dome camera is the most commonly used CCTV camera. Meant basically for indoors and with an option of night vision capability & high resolution, they add a credible strength to the security manning of small installations like shops/showrooms/godown/entry gates etc. Outdoor dome cameras are though also available though they have a different IP classification Carries a warranty and free service backup of 01 year.

Starting From:   Rs 1900.00 Rs
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Boom Barrier

Depending on their crash ratings, Boom barriers categories begin with plain psychological barrier strength to barriers sturdy enough to stop a heavy duty vehicle

Starting From:   Rs 165,000.00 Rs
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A high end bollard can bring a 60 ton vehicle travelling at 60 mph to a dead stop. A must for all installations with high threat perception

Starting From:   Rs 400,000.00 Rs
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