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HR Outsourcing forms an important part of bouquet of Corporate Support Services that Custodian provides. Manpower outsourcing, Workforce Management,Training & Development and Recruitment Consultancy for corporate and industry is among our strength.

Custodian provides compelling solutions to employers in all segments with a large number of multinational clients, adding value by enabling organizations to add reliability and accuracy to HR output and thus creating Happy Organizations. For over 6 years, our unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence and innovative technology has delivered happiness for our customers as well as their employees.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) is a strategic move that companies make to gain cost and time efficiencies, improve quality of HR as a function and relieve internal HR to focus on strategy. It is done by outsourcing part or whole of the HR process to a partner organization and is enabled by efficient processes and new technologies provided by the partner.

The world over, HR Outsourcing is shaping the future of HR. Traditionally HR has been a support function, but as organizations struggle to survive in competitive markets, the focus on performance and efficiency has grown manifold.


HR Outsourcing is not simply Business Process Outsourcing. It is in effect HR Transformation, as it results in a sea change in the culture, mind-set and efficiency within an organization.

Cost Reduction: HR Outsourcing if done right translates into reduced cost of the outsourced business function.

Process & Policies standardization: It helps to create an uniformity in policies & processes across all locations leading to a better efficiencies and achieve Global standards faster.

Centralization: Create a lean HR structure by streamlining roles & processes and moving the control structure to a single location.

Create Benchmark: for best practices processes.

Real-time access to skilled workforce: This includes lower initial investment and quicker set-up/integration of the outsourced business function.

Why outsource to Custodian?

Custodian is among the first movers in the Indian market in HR Outsourcing. Being the leaders and front movers, Custodian has matured to an engagement model where Custodian is able to bring business focus in performing HR related transactions.


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Training & Development

Our trainers carry out job and role specific training for Employees based on their current job profile and the job profiles that they may hold in future. 

Typical roles in the field include executive and supervisory/management development, new-employee orientation, professional-skills training, technical/job training, customer-service training, sales-and-marketing training, and health-and-safety training. Job titles may include vice-president of organizational effectiveness, training manager or director, management development specialist, blended-learning designer, training-needs analyst, chief learning officer, and individual career-development advisor.

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Recruitment Consultancy

We manage your ‘On-board’ process to get you the Best People for your Business.

Organizations do not always have the internal resources necessary to hire the top talent needed to succeed. Custodian understands your recruitment challenges, so we help take away the mundane to let you focus on strategy. Our end to end Recruitment solution covers everything from refining the job description to the candidate joining, and leaves you hassle free. By outsourcing your Recruitment Process to us you reduce the Cost-Per-Hire and enhance process efficiency, define critical-to-quality criteria for every vacancy, and eliminate unnecessary redundancy.

Our knowledge of our client’s industry needs coupled with deep understanding of typical requirement for any candidate marries the art and science of recruitment. This works best especially for some of our clients who already have formidable brand recognition as a top employer, a large candidate database and/or a sizable pool of empanelled vendors’/recruitment consultants. In essence we implement the entire process from Source Management to Joining and On-boarding.

End-to-end delivery of all Recruitment components:

Job description




Interview Management

Offer management


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