Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) is a strategic move that companies make to gain cost and time efficiencies, improve quality of HR as a function and relieve internal HR to focus on strategy. It is done by outsourcing part or whole of the HR process to a partner organization and is enabled by efficient processes and new technologies provided by the partner. The world over, HR Outsourcing is shaping the future of HR. Traditionally HR has been a support function, but as organizations struggle to survive in competitive markets, the focus on performance and efficiency has grown manifold. Benefits: HR Outsourcing is not simply Business Process Outsourcing. It is in effect HR Transformation, as it results in a sea change in the culture, mind-set and efficiency within an organization. Cost Reduction: HR Outsourcing if done right translates into reduced cost of the outsourced business function. Process & Policies standardization: It helps to create an uniformity in policies & processes across all locations leading to a better efficiencies and achieve Global standards faster. Centralization: Create a lean HR structure by streamlining roles & processes and moving the control structure to a single location. Create Benchmark: for best practices processes. Real-time access to skilled workforce: This includes lower initial investment and quicker set-up/integration of the outsourced business function. Why outsource to Custodian? Custodian is among the first movers in the Indian market in HR Outsourcing. Being the leaders and front movers, Custodian has matured to an engagement model where Custodian is able to bring business focus in performing HR related transactions.  

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