Fire Training

In case of any fire incident, the first few minutes are the most critical, as it takes less than 05 minutes for a fire to graduate from Stage I to Stage II. Till Stage I, the fire can be contained and extinguished using the local fire fighting resources like Fire Extinguishers, Water hose etc. Once the fire advances to Stage II, it becomes very difficult to even contain it through local fire fighting resources and may necessitate intervention by professional fire fighters, fire brigade etc. That is why post detection the timely reaction of the in-house fire fighting team is very important. This requires that they should be properly trained in all fire fighting processes and usage of firefighting equipment. Even more important is training in fire evacuation so as to avoid panic in case of an actual fire and minimize human and material losses. Our experienced team of senior fire engineers and technicians carry out detailed training which deals with understanding and interpreting fire detection system, fire classification and appropriate fire fighting measures, usage of different fire extinguishers, fire evacuation drill etc

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