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Given the current global scenario, Security has become a major concern for everyone. This is especially true for Business organizations, as, not only their business efficiency but also their business continuity depends on providing all stakeholders a safe and secure work environment. Creditably, most of the business or

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Things to Consider while opting for a Trustworthy Security Agency

Security Services in Kolkata

In the world today, safety and security have certainly become the major concerns, thanks to the hard-time the World Security Scenario is dealing with. Whether it’s for residential premises or for corporate organizations, empowering security measure is the top priority now. When it comes to protecting a residentia

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How Under Vehicle Surveillance System Can Add to Security against Possible Vehicle Bombings

Under Vehicle Surveillance

The World Security Scenario is going through a very tough phase and it is very important for every organization to tighten its security measures to avert any unwanted happening. Security System capable of human surveillance has become a common thing around, but system required for vehicle inspection is not available in

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How Portable Explosive Detectors and Bollards Can Enhance Security

Portable Explosive Detectors and Bollards

Technological advancement in various sectors is helping people with bad and fatal intention to prepare explosives in a better way. Terrorists across the globe are working to develop bombs by using a small quantity of metal that cannot be detected by ordinary metal detectors installed in various sensitive areas. However

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Boom Barriers: An essential Access Control Security Equipment


Access Control forms an important aspect of Security Management. By controlling access to a secured area, Security Managers try to minimize the access of unauthorized people to that area. To manage such a control, it is not only important to sieve all Pedestrian Movement but also vehicular Traffic. To obviate the acces

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How Facility Management Services Can Benefit Your Business?


The competitiveness of a business is often judged by the way it operates. A business can enter into profitable deals with its prospects only if it becomes successful in creating the right impression. And irrespective of your area of work, a clean and neat ambience goes a long way in creating a positive impression as &h

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Things You Need to Know about Facility Management Services


The facility management services have turned the part-and-parcel in the realm of business today. These services are gaining popularity really fast; and are very productive for an organization searching for maximum production at minimum expense. But, many of us are still not sure what actually these facility management

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10 Physical Security Measures all Organizations must take


Every general computer networking class teaches the OSI and/or DoD networking models, and we all learn that everything begins at the bottom, with the physical level. Likewise, when it comes to IT security, physical security is the foundation for our overall strategy. But some organizations, distracted by the more sophi

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5 Advantages of Having Trained Security Personnel for Your Business


According to a report, the crime rate in Kolkata has increased by over 73% in the last three years. A massive proportion of this percentage, includes criminal activities such as theft, assault, arm robbery and vandalism. Therefore, as an owner of a business in Kolkata, you have every reason to be worried. Crimes like t

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Fire Safety Management Services….Are they worth it?


Kolkata is a beautiful but congested city. The city landscape is dotted with tall buildings breathing down each other’s neck. The landscape, in a way, mirrors the Kolkata’s unique culture of warmth and conviviality. But during summers, the same landscape becomes a bane. Come Summers and the city newspapers are pepp

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